Bobbi Miller: Ring Lake Ranch

My fascination with the Dubois petroglyphs began in 2017 with research for an art project/fundraiser for Community Entry Services. A plate was decorated with those images. What a thrill to now engage with the Ring Lake Ranch petroglyphs! Sketching and painting them becomes a spiritual connection to the former occupants of the ranch land.

Guests at Ring Lake Ranch were treated to lecture about the petrogylphs on the ranch property and I was invited to attend. Fascinating information about this rock art! Sketching from petroglyphs equates to meditation.

The Ring Lake Ranch logo is taken from one of the property’s petroglyphs.

Nicole Gaitan: R Lazy S

Again this year, I’m honored to be a part of Jackson Hole Land Trust’s WyoView project. This year we are taking a new approach – the Four Season approach. Artists, like myself and 18 others form the community will visit and paint each season at our designated location. This year I was given the R Lazy S Ranch.

I  visited the R Lazy S Ranch to scope out my piece for Spring. Here are some shots I got:

Kay Stratman: Museum of Wildlife Art

Wow! I really wasn’t expecting much from a hike up the hill in April, our “slow” season. I was sorely mistaken. It was awesome!.. Bluebirds at the bluebird house, a herd of deer to the north, lots of various scat, various tracks, bumblebees, spring flowers, cactus, lichen, bones, heard sandhill cranes the refuge. And I didn’t realize I would crest the top and see the Tetons, what a pleasant surprise.