R Park Parking

The next time you’re on the Teton Village Road look for an eye-catching sign. Hanging from 21-feet tall timbers is Rendezvous Park’s main entrance.

Along the community pathway system, at 4270 River Springs Drive in Wilson, R Park is accessible by many alternative forms of transportation including by bike, cross-country skis, rollerblades, START Bus, boat via the Wilson Boat ramp, and more!

And, just past this towering sign, R Park has an accessible vehicle turnaround that leads to the heart of the park – the swimming pond. After kayaks and kids unload from the car, visitors can utilize the safe parking area that is surrounded by towering cottonwoods.

While we encourage alternative methods of transportation, if you choose to drive, we invite you to use one of our almost 30 parking  spots.


As the park’s transformation from a gravel-pit continues, there will be a welcome plaza providing visitors with a sense of arrival and gathering place. Designed by Gilday Architects PC, the main kiosk, restrooms, and signage will help complete the community’s vision for what this once gravel-pit could become.

Made possible by generous support and donations from the community our fundraising efforts are crucial and ongoing. To make our conservation work a reality, mail donations by check via USPS to PO Box 6430 | Jackson, WY 83002 or make a gift by credit card online.