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Teton Legacy Society


Members of the Teton Legacy Society have made the decision to leave a legacy of open space in Jackson Hole for future generations to enjoy.

The Teton Legacy Society celebrates the individuals with the foresight and generosity to make a life income or bequest provision for the Jackson Hole Land Trust. Benefits of this lifetime membership include not only the knowledge that one has helped secure the future of this valley, but invitations to exclusive events, special field trips, and annual recognition and appreciation. Members also receive a custom aspen leaf pin, handcrafted by local jewelry designer Annie Band in Wilson, WY. Each pin is unique, representing both the land we protect and the individual donors that make up the Teton Legacy Society.

The Teton Legacy Society offers members the opportunity to protect the future landscape of Jackson and Western Wyoming while also fulfilling their own financial goals.

For more information on making a planned gift to the Jackson Hole Land Trust, visit our Planned Giving page.

Teton Legacy Society members:
Ms. Mary Lou Andersen
Mr. Jeffrey S. Bland and Ms. Jane Mitchell
Ms. Louise Breitenbach and Mr. Joe Piccoli
Mr. and Mrs. T. Anthony Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Burdin
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ciulla
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Coppola
Mr. Charles Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dahl
Dr. Lyndelle Fairlie
Dr. Carol Fellows and Dr. Henry Louderbough
Mrs. Regena Field
Ms. Ann Frame
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Geiger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Grady
Mr. and Mrs. David Hardie
Ms. Susan Hedden
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hensley, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knight
Mrs. Bonnie Koeln
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Krell
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Maloney
Ms. Holly McAllister-Swett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muller
Mr. Gregory G. Nelson
Ms. Charlotte Oliver and Mr. Buzz Dimond
Ms. Susan Paddock
Ms. Carla Parks
Mr. John Porter
Mr. Bert Raynes
Ms. Lindsey Reed and Mr. James Sergio Dominguez
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Lavar Riniker
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Segerstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Stearns
Mrs. Susan Sullivan
Mrs. Hannah Swett and Mr. Mark D. Brookes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vaughan
Mr. Matthew Wallace
Mr. William Wallace
Mr. Thomas R. Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Zabinsky