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Summit Circle


Loyalty matters.

Over 100 remarkable donors have demonstrated their loyalty to the Land Trust by renewing their annual gift for the past 20 or more consecutive fiscal years. 15 of the exceptional donors in the Summit Circle have given for 25 or more fiscal consecutive years. The Summit Circle was established to recognize these committed donors who have given consistently to the Land Trust. Gifts of any amount count toward participation and are greatly appreciated. Participation in the Summit Circle means being a part of a special community of donors dedicated to shaping the future of Jackson Hole.

We are grateful for our Summit Circle donors and their steadfast commitment to our work. Regardless of how much a Summit Circle member donates, the impact of their continued giving is powerful and does not go unnoticed.

Our FY 2013 Summit Circle members:
25+ Year Donors
Yvon Chouinard and Malinda Pennoyer Chouinard
Ted and Addie Donnan
John and Carol Harkness
Richard and Karen Hobbins
Phil and Jean Hocker
Vince and Nancy Lee
David MacKenzie
Gil and Marge Ordway
Leslie Petersen and Hank Phibbs
John and Mary Ray
Bill Resor and Story Clark
Mark Rodenburg
Birdie Rossetter
Christopher and Louisa Sandvig
Stan and Barbara Trachtenberg

20+ Year Donors
Jean Adams*
Mary Lou Andersen
Jean Anderson and Pete Wales
Carter and Lisbeth Beise
Petie Bennett
Joseph and Gainor Bennett
Bill and Martha Best
David and Colleen Boyd
Tony and Linda Brooks
The Honorable Vice President and Mrs. Richard Cheney, Jr.
Mark and Jeanie Clark
Gail Conklin and David Hamilton
Jeanne Cortner
Chic Cullen
Rod and Verena Cushman
Richard and Jane Dean
John Deuss
Tom and Tania Evans
Mark and Marcie Feldman
Roland and Carole Fleck
Jim and Astrid Flood
Peter and Betsy Forster
Ann E. Frame
Martha and John Gilmore
Charles and Dolores Godchaux
Eliot and Natalie Goss
Zach Hall and Julie Ann Giacobassi
Mike and Gigi Halloran
Charles and Karen Harris
Pat and Mary Lou Hartness
Ann Harvey
Stephen and Jennifer Hauge
John and Meg Hauge
Barbara Hauge
Bruce and Carolynn Hawtin
Jim and Ginger Hirschfeld
Norm and Carole Hofley
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoster
Bob and Gail Hughes
Pete and Jean Jorgensen
Bill and Barbara Kelly
Jay and Karen Kemmerer
Charlotte Kidd
Senator Herbert Kohl
Mary Kruse
Pui and Habibah Kuan
Ted and Beedee Ladd
Cody and Linda Laird
David and Judy Larson
Steve and K.C. Lauck
David and Rebecca Livermore
Bob and Marna MacLean
Carol and Bill Maloney
Lew Mithun
Lester and Enid Morse
Bill and Gloria Newton
Tom and Elisabeth Niedermeyer
Pat Nott
Anthony Nuland and Alexandra Simmonds
George and Abby O’Neill
Biba and Jon Parker
Lisa and Scott Pierson
Doris Platts
Gloria Polis
Reynolds and Bettie Pomeroy
Bill and Diana Pratt
Anthony and Ann Regan
John and Kitty Resor
Chuck Resor
Larry Rieser
Larry and Wendy Rockefeller
Dr. and Mrs. Jacques Roux
Ben and Ann Ruehr
Bob and Margie Rutford
Harvey Scholfield
Mary Alice Huemoeller and Michael Sellett
John Sherman
Dick and Sandy Shuptrine
Hort and Juli Spitzer
Howard S. Spurrier
Jim and Judy Stacke
Jean and Fred Staehr
Kelly and Nancy Stirn
Peter Stoops and Kate Wilkinson
Robert Strawbridge, III
Bill and Joyce Sullivan
Sue Sullivan
Tom and Linda Tebben
Allan and Frances Tessler
Walter Thieme
Walt and Joan Thulin
Steve and Amy Unfried
Dick and Polly Vaughan
Noble Welch

*We are honored to recognize support from donors who are no longer with us, but have made a permanent impact through their years of generosity.