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It is an unforgettable experience, the first time you set foot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Its magnificence is almost beyond description. Here, the Tetons rise more than a mile into the sky with a sweeping valley below. In Jackson Hole, open space is a part of us – of our ranches and farms, our ski runs and lodges, our trails and the wildlife who call this valley home. What we hold most precious about this valley is the very land itself.

The Jackson Hole Land Trust works to preserve the scenic, ranching and wildlife values of Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Area. Without the support of our generous donors, our work would not be possible. We continue to focus our protection efforts on the high conservation-value lands that remain unprotected, but rely on the support of our community to move forward with these projects.

We would like to thank the donors who make our work possible.

Here are the ways in which you can support our work: