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Annual Monitoring

The responsibility of stewardship requires staff and board members to conduct annual monitoring visits to each protected property, observe and document changes through time, and build long-term relationships with the landowners of these properties. Each summer as we travel to each conservation property for our in-person visits with landowners, we renew our mutual commitment with each landowner partner to safeguard the conservation values of their land. In nearly every case, we have the opportunity to connect with landowners of conservation properties in person – offering opportunities to observe what is happening on the ground, and engage in discussions about stewardship matters.

We are proud of our annual monitoring program and have received recognition in the greater land trust community for our practices. We monitor our protected properties in three ways:

Summer monitoring: a visit to the property with the landowner. During this visit we walk the property with the landowner to discuss any changes or arising management practices that may interface with the easement. We use an informal kitchen table approach to understanding the needs of our landowners and use these visits to keep in touch with their needs.

Winter monitoring: a cursory glimpse at the properties during the winter months. We do not enter the properties, but we do make observations of the property that can be viewed from public roads in hopes of gleaning interesting natural occurrences not seen in the summer months, such as presence of wildlife movement.

Aerial photo comparisons: aerial photos of the property, taken at 2 year intervals by Teton County, are compared for visible changes that may involve the conservation easement.

To schedule your annual monitoring visit, please contact us.