Green River Valley Program

About the Green River Valley Program of the Jackson Hole Land Trust:
The Green River Program is the Pinedale office of the Jackson Hole Land Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the open space, agricultural, scenic, and wildlife values in and around Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Area. The community-oriented Sublette County Program was launched in 2016 as a result of a unification between the Jackson Hole Land Trust and the Green River Valley Land Trust. The goal of the Green River Valley Program is to steward existing conservation easements and identify priority conservation projects that will further protect the unique character and conservation values of Sublette County. To date, over 32,000 acres of land have been protected in the area through 58 conservation easements.

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Advisory Committee
The purpose of the Green River Valley Program Advisory Council (Council) of the Jackson Hole Land Trust (JHLT) is to bring to light the unique conservation needs, concerns, and opportunities present in the Green River Valley and to serve as ambassadors to the Green River Valley community on the work of JHLT’s Green River Valley Program (GRVP).

What has been accomplished?
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