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Explore TravelStorysGPS, a free app that shares vivid and engaging stories about the landscape, geology, wildlife, and colorful history along Wyoming Highway 22 and throughout the valley! With the release of Version 2.0 this September, there’s never been a better time to download and enjoy this completely re-imagined storytelling app – now with an intuitively easy interface showcasing beautiful new images, never-before heard stories, and all new tours in and around Jackson Hole and Wyoming.

Download today and discover our valley in a whole new way with the Jackson Hole Land Trust and TravelStorysGPS.

The Jackson Hole Land Trust has been a partner of the TravelStorysGPS app since its inception in 2012, when it was created in partnership with the Jackson Hole Land Trust, Grand Teton National Park Foundation, and one of the country’s leading conservationists, Story Clark. In addition to re-imaging these original “beta” tours, version 2.0 comes with three new tours – the Historic Downtown Jackson Self-Guided Walking Tour, the Jackson Hole Airport Info & Public Art Tour, and the Indian Wars of Early Wyoming tour – with more tours slated to be added.

The Jackson Hole Land Trust’s Tour is Highway 22 between Victor and Jackson – a colorful route to learn about the valley known as Jackson Hole. Iconic landmarks activate storytelling by GPS, allowing you to listen while seeing the scenic spots that inspired conservationists and provide the backdrop for fascinating stories of history, natural history, landscapes and communities narrated by local actor, playwright and entertainer Bob Berky. Bluegrass duo Anne & Pete Sibley generously donated use of their music to accompany the wonderful stories along this tour.

Enjoy all four of this tour’s channels (Local History, Wildlife & Landscapes, Just for Kids, and Share Your Story) and discover the mysteries of this dramatic landscape.This free TravelStorysGPS tour will give you an easy and enjoyable way to:

Explore the same route as the earliest travelers into Jackson Hole from Native Americans 9,000 years ago to early explorers and mountain men to the settlers who found ingenious ways of maneuvering their horses and wagons through snow and mud-filled mountain paths and to recreationalists who enjoy and compete in this mountainous terrain today.

See the distinctly different geologic formations that collide on Teton Pass and are evidenced in the road cuts and mountains you pass by – we will show you what to look for!

Answer your questions about the many species of wildlife that inhabit the forests and open meadows along this route from the secretive mountain lion to the cute pica to the majestic moose and elk you might see even as you travel.

Discover how this uniquely wild place has remained open and beautiful through visionary leadership that lead to the establishment of two national forests that you will travel through and Grand Teton National Park.

Listen to the exciting stories about the scenic ranch land of the valley of Jackson Hole and the cowboys – you might even see them – and ranchers who still raise cattle there and ride horses (called cow ponies) through the cattle each day to care for them.

Find out how many of these ranchers have chosen to keep their ranches open forever and their unique partnership with the sponsor of this tour, the Jackson Hole Land Trust.

Local resources highlighted on  this route:

“TravelStorysGPS is a wonderful tool to connect travelers and locals alike with the work that we do to protect the valley’s scenic view sheds, wildlife habitat, and working agricultural lands. We hope that seeing our conservation successes along Highway 22 first-hand will inspire them to play a part in land conservation in our valley.” -Laurie Andrews, Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Land Trust.

“Storytelling is the captivating and enduring way that we entertain and communicate best with each other and learn about places. I wanted to use mobile app technology as a portal to, rather than a barrier from connecting us to great places. Even if a listener never gets out of their car, they will now be able to connect with the land in a meaningful and unique way.”
-Story Clark, Founder and CEO of TravelStorysGPS

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Read the August 2012 press release about the launch of the TravelStorysGPS app and the September 2014 press release about what’s new and exciting in Version 2.0!

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